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The coffee industry is highly competitive, with numerous established and emerging brands. Standing out and differentiating oneself from competitors can be a significant challenge. Gaining consumer attention, and raising awareness of the brand’s values, quality, and unique selling points requires strategic marketing efforts.

To increase awareness and gain a competitive advantage, we developed a customized, unique affiliate marketing strategy for Peace Coffee that laddered up to their key objectives for growth. We focused on key holidays and targeted the target consumers passionate about sustainability and ethical sourcing to drive awareness, enthusiasm, and consideration.

We Collaborated with a diverse set of quality publishers and expanded Peace Coffee’s reach through reviews, content articles, appropriate loyalty platforms, and thoughtfully timed sponsored listicles. Our efforts included targeted marketing to specific demographics and markets that align with the brand’s values.

Exceeded Goals: Within the first four months of the affiliate marketing campaign, we surpassed the set goals. As a result, there was a shift in Peace Coffee’s media spend towards the affiliate channel, recognizing its effectiveness.

Incremental eCommerce Sales:
Over the first six months, the primary investment period for the affiliate channel, our efforts drove a notable 5% increase in eCommerce sales while opening up opportunities for the brand to leverage affiliate partnerships in other channels such as paid media and shopper marketing. This demonstrates the positive impact of affiliate partnerships in generating tangible results quickly.

Ongoing Revenue Growth
– By successfully promoting their subscription program, the revenue “net positive” was generated far beyond to the Peace Coffee bottom line which compounds the 5% incremental eCommerce in the first 6 months.

Peace Coffee increased its reach, sales, and brand recognition. Results from the first months of the program launch demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach. With ongoing efforts and optimization, affiliate marketing will continue to drive even more substantial growth.

Annie and the team have been an integral part of our eCommerce strategy since onboarding with Peace Coffee! They regularly update us with campaign progress and are invested in providing the best opportunities to meet our objectives and grow our business through Affiliate.

Their knowledge and expertise within the industry truly shine in the one-on-one time they establish with us, and we consider them exceptional partners.

Jim Gallagher, Revenue Marketing Manager, Peace Coffee

In 2011 Verdant Tea was created with the intention of bringing the finest Chinese teas to America. Teas that have been hand sown, grown, picked, and dried. A craft passed down from one generation to the next. Verdant Tea was founded as the first company to directly represent small-family tea farmers in China practicing sustainable, small-scale agriculture. Verdant Tea shares these farmers’ craft of hand-picked, artfully finished teas with tea lovers across the world. This practice strengthens these tea farming communities by building a market for their work.

In 2020 Verdant Tea was built on 10 years of strictly organic growth and was ready to expand into affiliate marketing as a way to amplify the word-of-mouth that built the brand and drive loyalty with new customers.

The Simpl-eCommerce team is onboarded to launch a strategic, thoughtful growth strategy in the affiliate channel. We familiarize ourselves with the brand, the consumer, and the overall objective of driving new users and converting existing users to the subscription model for Verdant Tea. We work with their brand team to ensure consistent messaging.

By the close of year 1 together, we have secured 15% of incremental eCommerce driven by the affiliate channel.

35% of affiliate purchases are by NEW customers, which translate to continued sales on/off the affiliate channel

Diverse publisher sales at every stage of the consumer funnel, with a well-balanced, successful, and profitable program.

Working with Annie at Simpl-eCommerce has been one of the best things to ever happen for our business. She brings the knowledge, connections and results that you might expect from a dedicated team at a huge agency, but works with us one-on-one in a way that allows her to understand the heart of our business, and build a real foundation for long-term success.

Of course, Annie’s work has helped us grow in ways we never thought possible in the affiliate world, but Annie doesn’t stop there- she is an educator, a fierce advocate, and works with us like a true business partner. If you work with Annie, you can expect true honesty, dedication, and deep independent motivation to seek growth opportunities for your brand.

Annie has always put in the hard work seeking affiliates that go beyond cash back and loyalty, finding elusive content publishers and perfect networks that bring us new customers that keep coming back, and in turn refer their own networks through word-of-mouth, helping us boost both retention and organic growth beyond the story that the affiliate numbers can even tell.

Every time we meet with Annie, or even exchange an email, we just think how lucky we feel to be working together. If you are thinking about launching an affiliate program, or want to overhaul your program to support good healthy growth, talk to Annie!

David Duckler, Co-Founder, Verdant Tea

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